Litecoin Scrypt Mining Configurations for Radeon R9 290 & R9 290X


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–Very Best Radeon R9 290 & R9 290X Scrypt Miner Settings (R9 290: 900+ KH/s / R9 290X 940+ KH/s)–

**Revised to include specific settings for the R9 280X with an additional 20 pages of configurations.**

**Look for my other Radeon Scrypt Mining manuals for the 7950, 7970 and R9 280X!**

**Free Technical Support is included with your purchase. Email me at the address in the back of the book if you need assistance. Save time looking through the forums and get all of the best information in one place: this eBook. Over 570 happy buyers to date (between Amazon, Bitmit, and eBay)!**

So, you just bought that new Radeon R9 290(X) card for Litecoin mining…. What settings are the best? How can you know for sure? How many hours will you sit in front of your rig, waiting for it to lock up or overheat?

Are you sick of spending hours in trial and error to find the best stable scrypt mining settings for your R9 290(X)??

I am a veteran pc tech, and an avid Bitcoin enthusiast.I have been building miners for the past 2.5 years. It took a large amount of time and effort to optimize my Radeon cards to get the best hash rates. I’m going to save you that hassle. I spent hours working out the very best settings for these cards. Buy my settings and you will get full instructions for how to get the most out of your R9 290(X) rig.

The manual includes all instructions needed to get 880+ KH/s out of your cards.These settings only require air cooling.

Your digital purchase will include the following settings:

Mid range 850 KH/s
High Performance 900+ KH/s

These settings only have 1% stales or lower (depending on your pool).
They work with many Radeon R9 290(X)s (Sapphire, Gigabyte, etc.) and with any scrypt based crypto-currency (Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.)

Time is money in crypto-currency mining. Save yourself days/weeks of frustration and get your miners working at top output!

Feedback from buyers (on other sites):

“This book and the author help me out and got me up and running finally. The author really goes above and beyond by helping with questions through email. I would recommend this book to anyone mining digital currency with 280 cards.” Matthew Hart

“This guy is the man. before I got this book I was lost. now my rigs are rockin n rolin” Sal Mansy

“I already had a lot of time invested in figure out and fine tuning my rigs, but this guide and direct support from the author really helped out… many months have past and my rig runs very well. To those that state that the info is ‘out there for free’ sure it is… there is also a ton of free tips that will ruin your hardware rather quickly… thankfully, RMA’s with Radeon cards are pretty smooth.” Conrad Olivier

“Very useful information for beginners. Spectacular results but must have some good cooling system. Best guide on the market, Thanks.” Lascu Daniel

“This book has saved my butt!!! The author says in the book to contact him with any questions and I took him up on it and he was fantastic help moving my bitcoin rigs over to mining litecoins/scrypt. A move which was delayed greatly due to the scrypt learning curve. That cost me a fair amount of money as I was mining BTC way after that was a good idea with GPUs. This book and the author got me over the hump. The more negative reviews here clearly didn’t take up the author on his offer to contact him if you have any questions.” Rich Clarke

“This guy knows what he is talking about.. I have tried many settings and these have been the best so far.” Kuroth

“If your just getting into mining or a seasoned pro you’ll want this.Well written” – winningbidder

“Helped get me from 1200+ WU to 1300+ WU… Thanks!” – rodneyphillips

“Best Service From an Honest Person – This guy knows his stuff – Would Trust. A++” – blueredy

“buy with confidence from this seller! Thank you!” – xgalilieo


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