Winnokin – New Proton Kits up for grabs!

Another amazing giveaway!

Winnokin! 15 contestants to be the first to experience Innokin’s new direction in the ECF April Giveaway Carnival

Following hot on the heels of the massive March Madness Innokin contest (congrats again to our 43 winners), our friends at Innokin are back with a very special contest. Fifteen winners will be some of the first in the world to get their hands on the PROTON & SCION II kit.

As ever, all you have to do is play!

Innokin are best known for making very high-quality mods aimed at the mid-performance market. They’ve not ventured into the high-performance world, preferring to specialise at more-or-less dominate their main market.

The Proton is, then, a departure for Innokin. It’s a top-performance 235w vape monster aimed squarely at the cloudchasing community. But, as you might expect, it’s no catch-up product. Innokin have taken their time and imbued the PROTON with their trademark quality, and built in some unique features to boot.

Innokin are also releasing a totally new coil technology in the form of their Plexus. It’s a mesh based coil, rather than the usual wound wire, and is specifically designed for very high performance vaping. Our first and second prize winners will get to trial the Plexus in the PROTON Kit…

To find out more and to discuss, do visit the ECF contest thread, where Innokin are answering questions (and giving out some instant wins to the membership too).

Thanks for reading. But why are you still here? Go and play already…

Enter now!

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