CellDeal Herb Grinder Mill Metal Aluminium Teeth Compact 40mm 4 Part Black

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Listing including 1 x Herb Grinder – Aluminium Compact 40mm 4 Part/Six Colours (No retail packaging)The compartment underneath has a fine mesh filter (with a specific right micron value, so only the right stuff gets through) which allows your dust to strain through into the lowest layer, where it collects
Its also got a specially designed middle section, so you can remove the pollen filter, close it up again, and it gives you a handy, pocket sized 4 part grinder
This grinder is precision machined aluminium alloy, giving it a lovely solid feel.
The diamond teeth on this grinder are designed to ‘bite’ into the herbs without squashing the herb and literally tear the contents up into very fine pieces with no messing about!
Grinders are far more effective than just tearing or cutting up your stuff because they give a larger surface area by grinding your herb up into nice fine pieces.


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