Diamond Mist 10 ml Bubblegum E-Liquid


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Diamond mist 0MG is desigend for those who want to enjoy the flavour but with zero nicotine. E-Liquids are used to fill the E-CIGARETTE which allows you to choose from a hugh choice of favours.These E-Liquids can be completely nicotine free. The E-CIGARETTE requires E-Liquid to produce the inhaled vapour which is a simple solution Dimond-mist 0MG E-Liquids contains the following : FLAVOURING: Flavour is added to create a satisfying aroma. PROPYLENE GLYCOL (PG): Dilutes the flavour and produces a smoke like vapour. VEGETABLE GLYCERINE (VG): Viscous and sweet,also produces a smoke like vapour but with a reduced throat hit.Bubblegum without the bubbles or chewing
Using pharmaceutical grade ingredients and zero nicotine content with no tar or tobacco
It use with any electronic cigarette which uses eLiquids
Each 10ml bottle is the equivalent of around 300 tobacco cigarettes


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