From Dennis

Mr. Busardo

First, I don’t write fan letters. Having said that, I wanted you to understand my
situation. Next week, I turn 62. I smoked for 40 years. 6 months ago, as a
promise to my 16 year old, I put cigarettes down and started vaping. After trying
numerous other methods to stop over the years, for some reason vaping took hold
immediately. From the first day I tried vaping, I havent looked back.
Vaping became a hobby for me. I’ve tried numerous mods, tanks – you know the
drill. But after all the ‘playing’ I’m finding myself (finally) settling in.
I’ve purchased 2 zenith tanks, and I’m hoping my Ares will arrive before Friday
3/16 as my birthday prrsent to myself. And I’m equally confident, once I’ve
gotten familiar with it, I’ll be ordering a second Ares. The world of 12-25
watts is my domain!
Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. I appreciate your videos and your efforts
on behalf of vaping. I am a fan, and will continue to be so. Keep up the good

Best wishes

Dennis, a reformed smoker

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