A BATTERY MOOCH POST: There are two EHPRO companies!

One of them wraps the batteries I have been testing, “Shenzhen EHPRO Battery Technology Company, Ltd” or “Shenzhen EHPRO Technology Company, Ltd” or “Bootes Battery Technology Company Ltd.” depending on where you look (www.ehpropower.com)

The other, “Shenzhen Ehpro Technology Company, Ltd.”, makes mods and atomizers like the Billow, Big Buddha, and Bachelor (www.szehpro.com).

Web site comparison: https://imgur.com/a/XBLnz

Both of them say that they are not the same company. The mod/atty Ehpro company appears to have registered the “Ehpro” trademark for those types of devices and the battery Ehpro company appears to have registered “Ehpro” for batteries some time later.

The mod/atty Ehpro company claims they have been trying for a while to stop the battery Ehpro company from using “Ehpro”. The battery Ehpro company says they registered the trademark legally.

I’m not getting any further into this as it seems to boil down to China’s trademark laws, timing, and who knows what else. I’m only relaying what they’ve told me. I do not know what else might be going on behind the scenes here….if anything. Do not assume that there is anything.

The batteries I am testing are from the battery Ehpro/Bootes company at www.ehpropower.com. I will emphasize that more when I post the last two test reports.

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