A BATTERY MOOCH POST: “Favorite Battery Company” Poll Results

The results of the 24-hour poll I put up earlier this week are in. I asked you to vote for your favorite battery company, manufacturer or rewrapper. Over 1,100 of you responded and Sony was, by far, your favorite. Thank you!

Though I asked just for a single company name a decent number of votes were for multiple companies, multiple batteries, had separate categories, etc. Many of these had to be skipped but the shorter responses had just the first company mentioned used as your vote.

I have some reservations about the results though. I think I did not word the title of the poll well.

In my mind I was asking who made or wrapped the batteries you like/use the most. But I think a lot of votes were for the company that you felt should be the favorite or the company you would like to use the batteries from. Not the company that actually makes or wraps the batteries you use most often. A few votes on Instagram were for a company that hasn’t even released its batteries yet.

I get a very large number of messages about using rewrapped batteries but there were very few votes for any of those companies. This is what is making me think that many either felt they shouldn’t vote for a rewrapping company or didn’t want to deal with the possible abuse from other vapers after they posted they use rewraps.

Here are the results though: https://imgur.com/a/XtCAQ

So, what do you think?
Are Sony batteries really that commonly used?

The next poll will be asking what specific battery you use most often.

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